Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentines Day

I made two little projects for my children this afternoon. Quick, Easy and Tasty!

The first project was called Marshmallow Pops. I did not do the 'pop' part, instead I made chocolate covered marshmallows and sat them on a little dish.

Here is my inspiration picture. (isn't it pretty?)

and here is the link: http://pinterest.com/pin/239183430179719509/

Here is my product. This was such an easy treat for the kids and I know they will love them. Even if I didn't put them on a stick!

Valentines Project Number two:
Pink Popcorn!
Here is my inspiration picture:

Here is the (original) link with the instructions:

I added a bit more marshmallows and decided to roll them into pop corn balls. Make sure if you roll into balls that you spray your hands with Pam first.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Liquid Hand Soap

This just proves how I expect things to be easier than they are. I look at all the pretty pictures and go, "Heck Yeah! I can do that!" If it looks simple, I am SURE I can get it done. Well, well, well, we shall see.

With 6 people in this house and a rotating door of children in and out, we go through a lot of hand soap. I always use the liquid kind. (never the bar soap)

This seemed like a project I could tackle. I was excited and ready to save us money!

Here is my inspiration picture:

and here is the link

I went to 4 different stores looking for the Meyer's bar soap and could not find it. I settled for something I thought would smell good and started grating. Upon reading the directions further I realized it called for an 8 oz bar of soap. My soap was 4 oz. I scrounged through my cabinets and found another 4 oz bar I would have to use. I was going to end up with a 'mixed' project but that was ok.

After grating and grating and grating, and taking some skin off my knuckles I was FINALLY done. Into the pot of water with glycerin it went. (which btw, I did find at the pharmacy next to the band aids)

The directions stated to melt all the grated soap and within 3-4 hours it would start to thicken up. Mine did not. Hours and hours went by and I went to bed thinking my soap would never set up. When I woke in the morning I was surprised to see it had indeed set up. It had set up into something that resembled Slime. I got the blender out as recommended and kept adding water. The final texture was less than desirable.

I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong but since I put the money and the effort in, I'm using the slime soap! (well, for now anyway)

As you can see, I did have left overs. That is because I kept having to add water to dilute my slime.

Smell Good Toilet Paper?

This was seriously a 15 second project. I figured if it didn't work, I had nothing to loose. I liked the idea and hoped it would make my half bath smell fantastic. A few drops of essential oil inside the toilet paper tube. EASY!

Inspiration Picture:

and here is the link

This is me doing  the same thing.....

I left it in the bathroom for a few hours with the door shut. I opened the door a few hours later and did not notice any smell. I decided to add MORE oil (a different, stronger oil) and I have still not noticed any smell. This one gets a thumbs down from me. Worth the try though.
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Valentines Votive

Since it's getting close to Valentine's Day, I decided to make a little decoration. It is a very simple project and I think it turned out really cute.

Here is my inspiration photo:

and here is the link:

Even though I thought the above picture was adorable, I decided to decorate with Valentines Candy Corn. Not only could I decorate but my kiddo's got to eat the left overs :)

These are the ones I made.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Projects on Day 2

With so many projects I want to get done, I decided to double up yesterday. Both were easy projects but projects worth doing.

My first project was to make reusable fabric softener sheets. I use 2-3 fabric softener sheets per load of laundry so I figured, why not give this a try.

Here is the picture from Pintrest

and the link

These were my materials:

I used my favorite fabric softner. You can use any liquid softener you prefer. I purchased new towels simply because I wanted them to look different from the ones we wipe our hands with daily. 

The original pin for this states that your new fabric softner towels will last up to 40 loads. I did not find this to be true. (Mine lasted 5-6 loads) I think I may have used fabric that was too thin to hold enough liquid for 40 loads. The fabric I purchased is extrememly thin.

I reccommend using a thick towel. I plan on trying it with a thicker towel next time. I will update with my findings.

My next mini project is a glitter key. I keep seeing these cute keys with pictures on them at the home improvement stores but cant seem to spend the $5.00 + on one.  I like to do things on the cheap so this seemed like a cute idea.

Here is the motivation picture.

Here is the link

And this is my finished product:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Started

I admit, it didn't take long for the Pintrest addiction to kick in. Once I was on, I was hooked. I found so many ideas: creative, fun, wonderful, beautiful ideas! But where to begin? With so much out there that I want to do, make and create my mind was going hazy. Once I got my brain calmed down with a bit of Valium I decided on my first project. I chose the project wisely. I knew I wanted to do something I knew how to do well. I knew it needed to be house related (because lets face it, there is always something to do in the house). I wanted it to be something my husband would notice (he doesn't notice 3/4 of the things around here). And.... then I found my inspiration!

Here was my inspiration. My FIRST Pintrest Project!

I loved the blue and white laundry room in this photo. My laundry room was white on white. I knew how to paint. I've painted many times through out my life so I figured I would find a way to get this done. I knew this specific color of blue, tho ugh beautiful, would not match the rest of the house so I opted for a different blue. Then I noticed something I could add to the paint to make it sparkle! Awesome!

These are the sparkles

This is the end result of my hard painting work. I still have a few things I would like to add (looking for a chandelier) to complete the space but not too bad the way it is.